What happened when I went to Brunch by myself

Hi Everyone! So a few weekends ago I decided to put myself up for the challenge of walking into a shop or cafe that I’ve wanted to visit but hadn’t the chance to do it yet. After getting the recommendation from vegan blogger and friend Plant Based Detroit, I decided to check out a cafe in the Corktown area of Detroit called Folk. I’m so glad I did!

Inside Folk Restaurant
Inside Folk!

First, the space is absolutely lovely, hip and quaint with good music playing in the background and overall great vibes. Everyone who worked there was friendly and welcoming and you could tell that all diners were genuinely enjoying their meal. Something neat about this place is that they have some communal tables meaning if there’s an open seat, you are free to sit there. Ask them upon arriving which tables are open and they’ll make sure you get settled in.

Communal seating is a great way to meet others because there’s already this general willingness to share some personal space so interactions feel more approachable. Additionally, if it’s your first time at that restaurant and your neighbors are munching on something tasty, you can easily ask them about it. Now that doesn’t mean having a conversation the whole meal but a question here or there or after they’re done eating, would not hurt!  Always make sure to read the vibes though, if someone doesn’t really want to talk you’ll likely be able to tell so respect their space and keep doing your thang  ;-).

My communal table experience happened to be pretty lite and I sat at the opposite end of the table from a nice couple. Their food had just come out and it all looked good so I asked them what they ordered, and that it was my first time at the restaurant.  They gave me a list of options that they said I just had to try. All which sounded amazing so I see multiple visits in the future.

As for that day, I had my eye on the Avocado Toast and let me tell you, it was a great choice! It was flavorful and very filling and I just loved the presentation. I enjoyed it with a nice glass of kombucha :-).

A slice of bread topped with turmeric hummus, avocado, pea shoots, radishes, and sesame seeds.

After the initial chat with my dining neighbors, the conversation pretty much ended and I spent the afternoon exploring the area and checking out other markets and shops nearby. It’s so nice that no matter how long or short your time is in a city you’ll still discover new neighborhoods and towns. Take advantage of the opportunities to explore!

How well would I say this went? I’d say very well! I had a great meal, met some really nice people and felt more confident and inspired to try dining by myself more often.

So here is my challenge to you:

Try going out for a meal by yourself.

Will it be initially uncomfortable? Yes, possibly.

Will you feel like you should just order carry out and avoid the potential awkward? Yes, maybe that too.

BUT should you?! NO!! There is nothing strange about going out and enjoying a meal on your own. In fact, I encourage it because I think it’s a great way to step outside of our comfort zones and to try something new and fun. And, in all honesty, you’ll quickly see that it’s not bad at all and in fact quite empowering!

I hope you’ll take me up on this challenge. Now on to the next one! We’ll be talking about the Workspace!

Talk again soon, friends!



6 thoughts on “What happened when I went to Brunch by myself

  1. Hello Alicia! This might be just my perception but I feel like I see more people eating out alone in France than back in the USA. Not that there’s a stigma about it in the US, but I know people can feel uncomfortable. I’m with you… when in doubt, go alone!


    1. Hi Diane! That’s great to know that it’s more common in France. I also think that comfort level can depend on city size. In the larger ones, doing things on your own feels more normal and natural whereas in smaller and midsize cities, it can feel a little nerve racking.


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