The Importance of Friendship for when life hits hard

Hi friends! It took me some time but I’m finally back! Hope all is going well in your world! So today’s post is a shout out and thanks to the fabulous people in my life who were such great support system for me over this last month.

I think I had posted on Instagram about a month ago, that I had all of these cool and exciting things planned for the blog (which I still do) and a few writing series that were in the pipeline to be released over the coming weeks. Well, wouldn’t you know, just about to the day that I made that post, life happened and it hit hard and I had to postpone all of my fun plans to focus and concentrate on fixing this big life-changer.

What to do?

I experienced career challenges that lead to a timely change and prompted me to start a new chapter.  Some of you may have experienced an unexpected life event as well lately. From following the news and just conversations with friends I can think of a few big ones that have happened recently. They are rarely when you want them, am I right? And unfortunately, we have to deal with it all the same and simply brace ourselves until it is done.

Thank You Time!

So now I would like to dedicate the rest of this post to all of the wonderful people who stood by me during this time. Women and men, alike. The support came from friends from inside of work, outside of work, bible study, my workout crew, and old friends from school. It was my first time receiving support like this from others outside of my family. These people were incredible!

They supported me with phone calls and texts, they’d walk with me and let me cry on their shoulder, they hugged me and prayed for me. One friend even went salsa dancing with me and I stayed overnight and we had bibimbap (one of my favorite foods) and wine at 2 am and just laughed and had a fun time. Support was everywhere and it was there in the most perfect way.

Why do I say all of this?

  1.  To emphasize to you again the importance of friendship and to challenge you to embrace it. You never know what may be going through a friend’s life and when they will need you or when you will need them. So make those friendships and truly get to know each other.
  2. We are meant to live in community for a reason. Technology and such can make it seem that being the lone wolf is fine or the norm, but honestly, the norm is to be in community. We should never have to go through life alone. It’s hard, but together with others, it creates value and stability.
  3. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s so easy to put up a facade and show that everything is okay but that’s not reality, is it? While it’s fine to see those great moments and life’s highs, sharing a mix of both highs and lows is where the connections really happen. So feel free to share your life with some of those that you feel most comfortable.

So yeah that’s my update! Thank you to my fabulous friends I’m forever grateful to you. I would name them all but instead, I will tag them in my post. Thank you to all of you guys for being some of the best friends I know and for standing by me and loving up on me. You’re all so special to me!

Also, I’m thanking God because his timing through all of this was impeccable. I had been dragging my feet on making some decisions and then once all this craziness happened and I felt like I was stumbling, he caught me and walked me through every step of the way and showed me where to go next.

As always I want to be inclusive of all beliefs and opinions but I wanted to share how this experience impacted me spiritually.

What Next?

So next on the agenda for me and for this blog is to get my calendar of events back up and moving and to share some fun quick stories this month. I’m going to make December a reflection month!

Then come January I will launch my new writing series that I had mentioned and another new feature that I’ve been really excited about for some time!

Again you guys are fabulous and I cannot wait for our next chat. Have a great week!



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