Find Your Tribe Connect: A Retrospective

Hi Friends! It’s been exactly two weeks since my Find Your Tribe event and to be honest I’m still in awe and giddy from all the excitement and changes that have begun as a result of it! So, I wanted to take a few quick minutes to reflect and share with you about it before it became old news and share what will be coming!

What was the event and how did it start?

Back in March, I decided that I wanted to get more involved with some of the small business and women entrepreneur groups in the area. I had been following a few on social media and even had been attending events but never committed to becoming a member of one. Well, by chance I received a message from Kelly Hartman, founder of Boss Ladies Referral Crew who told me about her organization and its mission of helping woman grow their network and connecting with likeminded women entrepreneurs. She also shared about its focus on collaboration over competition and after hearing that, I was hooked!

Boss Ladies Referral Crew

So, I attended one of the weekly Connects and then signed up to officially be a part of the crew shortly after. From day one being a part of Boss Ladies Referral has allowed me to meet so many great women who are making things happen for themselves and living out their dream lives and it has been nothing short of inspiring. It has motivated me to keep going with my own business goals and helped me to envision all that I can accomplish!

Ok, so back to the story! ☺️ About a month had passed since joining and one day, Kelly reached out to me and told me that they had one spot remaining were looking for a host for a May Connect and asked me if I was interested. Of course, I said “YES!” and then it was followed by a meeting to decide on the event date and venue, then I went to planning on a fun activity and the party menu! 

Tribe Detroit
Let’s get this Connect started!

I knew I wanted there to be some structure (the typical format for Boss Ladies connects) and also bring in a fun element that showcased my business mission and goals. Since my focus is all about bringing people together and creating genuine moments to build authentic friendships, I decided that a conversation activity for everyone to talk about friendship, share their business, and do so in a natural way, would be the best path to go! 

Well by chance a couple months back, I ended up meeting Katie of Nightingale Fortunes at a previous connect where she brought some of her custom fortune cookies for us to try and shared that she was open to collaboration.  I thought to myself, “Those cookies would be perfect for an event like this, so we must make it happen!” Then I emailed her, and we planned it all out and they came out absolutely gorgeous and were probably the biggest hit of the whole event! There were so many Instagram stories it was so cute.

Premium custom-made fortune cookies prepared by Katie, Nightingale Fortunes

How did the actual event go?

The event itself was fantastic! Because of the awesome marketing and advertising skills of the Boss Ladies team as well as some of my fabulous friends, the event SOLD OUT a week in advance! So many exciting opportunities have blossomed from the connections made there. Not only for myself, but for every woman who attended! The evening was meant to be laid-back and all about building authentic connections, through our conversation activity and through mingling and I feel like that was absolutely accomplished.

Boss Babes Mingling
Lots of tasty snacks

What have the last two weeks been like?

Well I’m still getting feedback and hearing about how everyone liked the event but I have already heard of many collaboration events being planned and new friendships blossoming so I’m just beyond thrilled.

Well I’m still taking it all in honestly, but I’ve received feedback from others about how much they enjoyed the event, which has been really humbling. I have also heard of some boss ladies who have already connected since the event and are planning their own collaboration activities, so I’m just beyond thrilled.

For me personally, I’ve already spoken with about 4 women individually to plan some future events and I have at least two more in the works in addition to that. 

Well I’m still getting feedback and hearing about how everyone liked the event but I have already heard of many collaboration events being planned and new friendships blossoming so I’m just beyond thrilled.

For me personally I’ve already spoken with 4 women to plan events and I have at least two more collaborations planned after that.

Just before we started our conversation activity
Photo credit: Lizzie, With Love and Laughs

What’s next?

Plan to see more events and excursions like this coming to you in the next few months!! I’m in the planning, organizing, and locating a venue stage right now, but once those dates, times and locations are set, I’ll start to post them on my page and on social so that you can sign up and join. Expect everything from makeup to finance, healthy-living and baking, cocktails, perfumes, and more!

Continuing to mingle!

Closing with another thank you!

I want to close this post with a big thank you to everyone who contributed and helped me to make this event a success.

I also want to thank my friends for coming out and celebrating this big milestone with me and my family who have believed in my friendship mission since day one.

Thank you again everyone and I can’t wait to keep sharing more with you and meeting with you. Stay tuned for it all!

– Alicia

Cheers to all these lovely boss babes!

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