What do friendships & cities have in common? Both mean building connections, networking and making new discoveries. My name is Alicia and I’m the gal behind Friendships in the City. I chose this name because after traveling and moving quite a bit, over the years I’ve had the fortune to make friends who come from many different places and backgrounds but it wasn’t always easy to find them.

I feel like as adults after we pass a certain age threshold for some post high school, others  post-college and beyond, it becomes more and more difficult to meet new people and make genuine friendships.

But when you ask people about it, they often say that they wish they met more people and could find others who shared their interests but that it’s become so hard and almost daunting that they often give up any attempt. It’s almost as if we want to meet new people, but we’re afraid or we’re just moving so quickly in life that we don’t give ourselves time to stop and make new acquaintances. LET’S  SLOW DOWN!

Let’s slow down and explore the various ways to meet people & prove that you can make new friendships at any age. And that there are LOTS of people who are searching for the same thing! You just have to know where to find them. Hint: They’re much closer than you think. πŸ™‚

I’m a Product Designer who relocated to the Metro Detroit area after grad school for work. I love my job because I get to observe people interact with technology and then design to optimize their experience and make it more intuitive. Can I just say, we humans are fascinating?!

Greektown Late Evening Bike Ride

While this is not my hometown I must say that I  really like this city and I have met some awesome people here. Some who are transients like me and others who have lived here their whole life but who love to welcome new people to their city and help you to feel accepted.

I love to salsa dance, learning languages (I speak French, Spanish and hoping to learn more), traveling, cooking, yoga, and of course meeting new people and making new experiences! Again, welcome to my blog and I can’t wait to keep chatting. πŸ™‚