Quick Check-In + Big Announcement!

Hello Everyone!! I hope this week is treating you swell! I wanted to check in and say hi to you all and to give you a quick update. Things were a bit busy for me for a while but it’s finally started to slow down so I wanted to let you know that new content will be coming out soon and share some exciting news!

While I’ve been away, I’ve also been busy networking here in the Metro Detroit area. I recently became a member of networking group for women who are starting or already own small businesses in the area called Boss Ladies Referral Crew.

We meet monthly for various events called Connects where we learn about each other’s businesses and we support one another on our ventures. Well, I’m happy to announce that I was selected to host a Connect in May. Ahh!!!

I will be hosting my FIRST OFFICIAL Friendships In the City Connect and I cannot wait to share all the fun details and tell you how it goes. I hope you’ll join me if in the area and if not nearby (shoutout to my family in Ohio, NYC, NC and TX!), just know I will be posting lots of photos from the event to share with you afterwards.

Okay! So the event will take place Thursday, May 23 at Tribe Detroit! Check my Events Page to get tickets!

I cannot wait to talk about Friendship with you all. Looking forward to meeting you and will be posting again on here soon.

Until next time!



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